Veronica Mendoza Boudoir Reveal

This little mantra came to me one night while I was trying to figure out how I was going to get past the shame I felt when talking about sex, about worrying what others would think about my work. I realized the only way to get past it was to grow from the shame, to start sharing and connecting with others that felt the same, to reveal that I was like them. Recently I have found other women that are sharing their experience and I am surprised how similar our stories are.

Like the woman I have connected to, I discovered self pleasure at a really young age. I had no clue what I was doing at that age, but as I got older I learned the truth, and that is when the shame began to settle in. I was told sex was not natural and only sinners indulged in sex, so I spent my adolescents thinking something was wrong with me. As an adult I have felt a consent battle within of continuing the story that sex is shameful or embracing my sensuality and helping others embrace it too. 

This is why I am called to do the work I do. This is why I want others to embrace their sensuality.  So that we don't feel shame about something that is natural and is supposed to be pleasurable. So we can have positive conversations with future generations, answer their questions honestly and with real facts. I am ready to start the conversations, even if it is one women at a time.

Much love!